HKS Oil Pump Upgrade Kit RB26DETT - BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34


Brand new  HKS Oil Pump Upgrade Kit for the Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34). This oil pump design improves durability and oil flow amount. The HKS Oil Pump Upgrade Kit provides reliable oil supply for tuned engines.

- Larger rotor increases oil flow amount compared to the existing pump.
- New improved design now includes adjustable oil relief pressure . Utilizing outer shim enables adjustment to be visible.
- Thickness of driving rotor's contact portion is increased, and contact surface shape is optimized.
- Thickness increase and material upgrade retain twice as much of rotor strength as the stock pump.
- HKS Oil Pumps have reviewed the case design to retain sufficient rotor strength and to reduce oil flow resistance after applying pressure.

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