Honda Integra Type R (DC5) Scuff Plate

We have a mint condition scuff plate off a Honda Integra Type-R (DC5). This will be perfect to be fitted to non Type-R Integras or to replace your worn scuff plates.

If you are interested, email us at for a quote shipped to you.


Trust/GReddy MX Front Pipe - BCNR33, BNR34

We have a brand new Trust MX Front Pipe for the Nissan Skyline GT-R (BCNR33 and BNR34). The Trust GReddy MX Front Pipes are made as a direct replacement of the OEM Front Pipe. Being mandrel bent and with an increased diameter (70 mm X 2 collecting to 80mm) the item will help increase turbine response and extract extra power from your RB26DETT!

With the installation of an aftermarket front pipe in the BCNR33 and BNR34 Nissan Skyline, the exhaust efficiency is improved tremendously. Trust genuine gaskets are also included in the package. Email us at if you are interested for a quote with shipping.


Apexi Power FC with Hand Commander for R34 Skyline GT-R (L-Jetro) #1

We have a used Apexi Power FC with Hand Commander to suit the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (BNR34). This is the L-Jetro version. The unit is in excellent condition.

The Power FC is an essential stand alone ECU for tuning the RB26DETT. They are perhaps the most popular ECU for the Skyline as it's a true plug and play ECU preloaded with base map. These are also 'easy' to tune as most tuners are very familiar with the device.

If you are interested, email us at for a quote including shipping.

HPI Clear Timing Belt Cover - RB26DETT

The Timing Belt Cover from HPI is a great piece for those of you who want to add a unique look to their car and give a peek into the inner workings of their RB26DETT cylinder engine.
It has raised RB26 lettering gracing the front of the cover.

The cover is made from reinforced polycarbonate thus are of a rigid zero flex construction. It is 2.5mm thick and have brass sleeved mounting holes.They are a true direct fit replacement for standard timing cover and can dramatically enhance the appearance of your engine bay.

Shoot us an email at should you be interested. We have multiple stocks of these.


Samco Sport Heater Hose Kit - BNR32

We have a set of Samco Sport heater hose kit for the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (BNR32). Over time, the stock rubber hoses will start to give way due to age and wear. Replace your tired hoses and eliminate the risk of a water leakage with this set from Samco.

Samco Sport hoses feature superb integrity and superior performance thus reducing the risk of component failure and enables higher temperatures and pressures to be maintained with complete confidence. With superlative quality proven on race and rally circuits worldwide, Samco Sport silicone hoses are the first choice of engineers demanding total reliability under competition and fast road conditions.

Email us at for pricing and delivery to our location.


R35 GT-R Headlights

We have a pair of immaculate condition CBA-R35 Nissan GT-R headlights. It comes complete with all intact brackets, HID ballasts, bulbs and wiring. Very costly if bought new, this set is extremely clean and in perfect condition.

Email us at for a quote including shipping.


BNR34 Multi Function Display (MFD) #3

We have this rare and pristine Multi Function Display (MFD) off the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. This is a highly sought after item to be converted and be used in R34 GTT, R33 and even the R32.

This is your chance to complete the look of your Skyline, especially true for those R34 GTT owners that are converting their car to look like the GT-R. This could be the final piece to close your conversion project. :)

Email us at for a quote including shipping to your location.

Note: This is the version with the "TV" button.


ECR33 Tein Super Street Coilovers

We have a used Tein Super Street Damper with Pillowball Uppermount for the Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t (ECR33). These are high-low, soft-hard adjustable coilovers with a rubber ring on the pillowball uppermounts to prevent groaning noise via metal-to-metal contact.

The Tein Super Street is renowned for the best compromise between normal road use and for spirited driving. The coilovers feature 16 levels of damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together) for you to dial in the perfect setting.

There are no leaks whatsoever and as the pictures illustrate, it's in an excellent condition. Email us at for a quote.

Note: These should fit the ER34 Skyline GTT 4 door as well.


Trust Engine Oil Cooler Kit - RPS13

We have a very good condition Trust Engine Oil Cooler Kit for the Nissan Silvia 180SX (RPS13). Although this is a kit set, it will also fit all SR and RB series engines. The oil cooler comes with braided lines and with HPI and Earl's fittings. It also have the engine oil filter relocate kit but is missing one braided line. That's no issue as that can be done up by your local mechanic easily.

Email us at if you are interested and we will quote with shipping.


Trust/GReddy Intercooler for RB25DET #01

We have a Trust/GReddy Intercooler for the RB25DET engine. This is a kit set thus will be plug and play into the Nissan Skyline ECR33 and ER34. It is also possible to be installed in a Nissan Cefiro A31. It comes complete with all the necessary piping, joints and also banjo clips.

Due to the not so favourable appearance of the intercooler (as depicted in the picture below), we are selling this off cheap. If you would like to grab this opportunity to own the Trust/GReddy Intercooler, just email us at and we will revert with the details.


Trust Front Pipe - ER34

We have a brand new Trust Front Pipe (Part No. 302-NS005) for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). The front pipe measures 80mm in diameter.

Installation of the
Trust Front Pipe will improve the exhaust efficiency tremendously as compared to the stock restrictive unit. The front pipe is a plug and play unit thus will bolt on to the ER34 without any welding/modifications.

Email us at if you are interested and we will provided you quote.


Sard TYPE RC2 Wastegate (47mm)

We have a brand new Sard TYPE RC2
Wastegate good for 500hp applications. This is a universal set thus will fit all turbocharged engines. The specification of the wastegate as follows:-

Valve: 47mm
Pipe: 43mm
Size: 130mm × 175mm
Weight: 1,790 g
Horsepower Output: 500hp
Nipple size: PT1/8


Tomei Metal Head Gasket - RB26DETT

Brand new Tomei 1.5mm Metal Head Gasket (Part Number 1321880153) with a bore of ΓΈ88.0. This is for the RB26DETT engine. Email us at if you are interested in this part.


Skyline LED Rear Lights - R32, R33, R34

JDM Auto Link have partnered with a lighting specialist in Japan to present to you our original LED rear lights for the Nissan Skyline R32, R33, R34. Both 2 door and 4 door variants will be offered.

Our prices will be cheaper if you were to compare with the likes of NISMO as we use pre-owned rear light core instead of obtaining new ones from Nissan. That have kept our costs lower and hence a cheaper price to you. Everything else from the LED, the board and wiring will be brand new and of high quality items.

We will be keeping limited sets on stock, but as t
hese are made to order thus it is best to pre-order to avoid disappointment. All electrical work, fitment and finish is done in Japan and quality checked before it is shipped out. You can be assured of top notch workmanship.

Below are some examples of the rear lights. We have a couple of different variants thus email us at with your car model and we will advise you accordingly along with pictures and prices.



(NISMO Design)

(NISMO Design + LED signal lights)

(Rear reverse + fog lights - using brand new lights)