Fujitsubo Power Getter - BNR34

We got this excellent condition Fujitsubo Power Getter for the BNR34. The Fujitsubo Power Getter exhaust is a high performance replacement cat back exhaust systems manufactured from stainless steel and offer the most optimal pipe design for improved power throughout the entire rev range.

It features:-
- Lightweight stainless steel muffler with high efficient exhaust
- Designed for the least number of bends for reduced turbulence
- Comes with inner silencer which can be removed

Shoot us an email at if you are interested in this item.


Factory BNR34 Wheels #01

We have a set of factory BNR34 Wheels. These are forged wheels and are extremely light. They are in good condition bar some minor scratches and paint chips due to stacking of the wheels on top of each other. There are no gutter rash and comes complete with the wheel caps as well.

Perfect for a myriad of cars. The specs are 18x9JJ offset +30. Email us at with your location if you are interested.


Clarion MFD Video Cable for BNR34

We have a Clarion MFD Video Cable (Part Number 855-5430-00). This allows video output from a different source into the Multi Function Display.

Basically, it is a male/female socket which is an easy plug into the original wiring just behind the Multi Function Display, and provides a separate socket for the video input to the screen. It's designed for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR for anyone using a head unit with DVD player or for an external DVD or even a games console. You can even hook it up to your reverse camera or GPS.

If you are interested in this cable, just email us at


R34 Crank Angle Sensor (CAS)

We have a Crank Angle Sensor off a R34 Nissan Skyline. This will fit the BNR34 and ER34 model. Email at if you are interested.


Blitz Damper ZZ-R Coilovers - MR-2 (SW20)

We have a used but mint condition Blitz Damper ZZ-R coilovers for the Toyota MR-2 (SW20). The Blitz Damper ZZ-R is the top of the line mono tube suspension from Blitz and has a spring rate of 5kg for the front and 8kg for the rear.

It features:-
- 32 way damping adjustment
- Forged aluminum upper pillow ball mount
- Camber adjustable upper mount

The height adjustment wrench will be bundled together with the purchase.

I must point out that the Blitz logo is somehow missing from the coilovers. Email us at with your location for a quote including shipping.


BNR34/ER34 Clutch Fan

We have a mint condition clutch fan taken out of the Nissan Skyline R34. It will fit the BNR34 and ER34. Do email us at if you are interested.


Sard R2D2 Blow Off Valve

We have a very good condition Sard R2D2 Blow Off Valve. This is a kit set for the the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). As the pictures will show, it's immaculate and comes complete with all the fittings required for a plug and play fit onto the RB25DET engine. It even comes with the manual and box.

If you do not have an RB25DET engine, no worries, with just an adapter change, the Sard R2D2 Blow Off Valve will fit onto any turbocharged engines. If you are interested, shoot us an email via


CBA-R35 Traction Hook

If you're a Nissan GT-R (CBA-R35) owner/fan, you'll probably have seen images of tuned R35 by top Japanese tuning houses. More often than not, you'll notice some of them at times have the traction hook on the vehicle. Tuning houses like Top Secret, HKS Kansai and MCR have them on their catalogue.

Basically, the traction hook (aka tow hook) utilizes the factory hole in the bumper in order to avoid any drilling or modifications. This hook will allow safe and damage-free towing on track days, or in emergency situations. Also, this can be used as a dress-up item to provide a racy look to the R35. Interestingly, these all come from the same manufacturer and we now have access to it directly.

The traction hook is available in yellow, red or chrome. If you are interested to give your R35 GT-R that racy look, shoot us an email via for a quote.


Blitz Super Sound Dual Drive BOV

We have a mint condition Blitz Super Sound Dual Drive Blow Off Valve. This BOV have been used for only 2 weeks and was then removed from the vehicle. As the pictures will show, it's practically new and even comes with a custom made Nissan RB series engine adapter. It is plug and play for all Nissan RB engines but will also be able to fit into all turbocharged vehicles.

The box and all necessary fittings will be included. Why buy brand new when you can have a used unit that's practically new? Email us at if you are interested.


BCNR33 Grill with GT-R emblem #01

We have a mint condition Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R grille with the GT-R emblem. It is in excellent condition, there are no scratches, all brackets are intact and the plastic mesh is perfect.

This is your chance to complete the look of your ECR33 with the BCNR33 grille. We guarantee that this is an original grille with an original Nissan GT-R emblem. Over here are JDM Auto Link, we carry only genuine parts for your ride. :)

Email us if you are interested. Our email address is


HKS Kansai Service Floor Mats - R33

We have a set of used but in perfect condition (it's literally like new!) floor mats from HKS Kansai Service for the R33 Skyline GT-R / ECR33.

It features the HKS Kansai Service logo on the mats and fits perfectly like the original items. These are a rarity and will definitely spruce up your interior of your R33 Skyline like no other. Email us at for pricing and delivery to your location.


Trust-Greddy Intercooler Kit Spec-R - Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)

We have a used Trust-Greddy Intercooler Kit Spec-R HG Type 24 with Greddy elbow pipe for the
Mazda RX-7 (FD3S). This is perfect fitment with our earlier posted Trust GReddy T78-33D Turbo Kit. Purchase it together in a package and your FD3S is all set to make more power + boost and with cooler and denser intake temperature.

Email us at for pricing.


Cusco Oil Catch Tank - R32 GT-R / GT-S

We have a brand new unit of the Cusco Oil Catch Tank for the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R and GT-S. This is a kit set thus will be supplied with all necessary mounting and fittings for a perfect fitment. There are MANY imitation Cusco Oil Catch Tank in the market but it's all universal models.

You can be sure over here at JDM Auto Link, we only carry original parts. Contact us via if you are interested in this part. It's very rare to find kit set Oil Catch Tank on the market.


Cusco Lower Arm Bar (Type II) - EVO V & VI

We have a used Cusco Lower Arm Bar - Type II for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V and VI (CP9A). This part is made of high tension lightweight aluminum.

Installation of this item will reduce alignment flexing and improves body rigidity. It connects the lower arm mounts by multiple bolts and the lateral and foe aft rigidity is greatly increased over the older Version I. Body rigidity is maintained on even the hardest of cornering and dramatically improves the steering, throttle response and traction.

This is a must if you are aftering better body control on spirited drives or on track excursions. Email us at for a quote including shipping.


HKS Circle Earth System

The HKS Circle Earth Grounding System is a universal 'Earthing/Grounding System' for vehicles looking for a smoother and more efficiently running engine. The kit comes with 8 grounding lines. They are made of high quality 8scq grounding line wrapped in a very appealing signature HKS Purple coating (the line consists of 658 0.12mm lines which allow to withstand up to 65A).

Important places to run the ground are the body, engine block, engine head, intake manifold, etc. All the lines are run from the 24 karat gold plated distribution block.

With proper grounding, improved idle, response, low-mid torque and drivability can be achieved by enhancing the performance of electronics. In addition, noise in the audio system will be reduced, power to the lights increased and a cleaner burning, more fuel-efficient engine can be realized.

This is a used set but as the picture will attest to, it's in perfect condition. Email us at if you are keen.


Nismo Floor Mats - R34

We have a brand new Nismo floor mats (Part No. 74902-RNR45) for the R34 Skyline. These fit just like the original floor mat fittings. The attachment or hook hole on the Nismo floor mats are identical and in isomorphic condition compared to the original floor mats. This ensures that the Nismo floor mats are securely locked & and an easy installation.


The Nismo floor mats adopts a special spike pin on the back of the mats. This ensures that the mats are securely held in place, and not move much even during sporty driving.

The edges of the Nismo floor mats are finished in an over lock condition which is very difficult to bend. The floor mats are made with high quality black cloth, and finished with a nicely decorated aluminum logo plate.

These are a must to complete the interior of the R34 Skyline. Top notch quality with top notch appearance. Email us at for pricing.

SARD Cooling Spray Kit (SCS)

We have a brand new unit of the SARD Cooling Spray (SCS). The kit contains a 2.2 litre water tank and a pump that is controlled by an electronic system. It allows water to be sprayed onto cooling system components. During spirited drives or track excursions, you can see intake and engine temperatures rise significantly. Adding water to the core of your intercooler can aid the cooling process.

This can also be true for radiators when extra cooling is required. The 1/4din display and control unit allows for fully automatic operation or manual override. It also has water level warning lights and displays when the pump is in operation.

Everything you need is included in this kit. Email us at for a piece of rare part to be installed in your car.