CBA-R35 Traction Hook

If you're a Nissan GT-R (CBA-R35) owner/fan, you'll probably have seen images of tuned R35 by top Japanese tuning houses. More often than not, you'll notice some of them at times have the traction hook on the vehicle. Tuning houses like Top Secret, HKS Kansai and MCR have them on their catalogue.

Basically, the traction hook (aka tow hook) utilizes the factory hole in the bumper in order to avoid any drilling or modifications. This hook will allow safe and damage-free towing on track days, or in emergency situations. Also, this can be used as a dress-up item to provide a racy look to the R35. Interestingly, these all come from the same manufacturer and we now have access to it directly.

The traction hook is available in yellow, red or chrome. If you are interested to give your R35 GT-R that racy look, shoot us an email via for a quote.


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