Nissan Triple Meter - ER34

We have the triple meter off the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). These are great to complete the look of your ER34 if it does not come with the triple meter. Particularly if yours come with the Jap only navigation screen or just a storage area with a pop up lid.

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R34 Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) #03

We have a Crank Angle Sensor off a R34 Nissan Skyline. This will fit the BNR34 and ER34 model.

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OS Giken STR2C Twin Plate Clutch - RB25DET

We have a mint condition OS Giken STR2C Twin Plate Clutch for the Nissan RB25DET. This set came off a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-25t (ECR33) that have just traveled 10,000km. As pictured, the clutch pads are literally like new!

The OS Giken STR2C Twin Plate Clutch Kit is designed for daily driven high performance Nissan vehicles. STR clutches provide the comfort of the stock clutch’s pedal feel and the strength of a race ready twin plate. Whether it be a lap around the track or a trip to the corner store, the STR Multi Plate Racing Clutch equally handles each task with ease. Another major improvement is the use of the aluminum cover and redesigned discs which allow for better heat dissipation and continual performance under hard use.

The clutch is rated to 550~600hp!!

Brand : OS Giken
Product: STR2C Twin Plate STR Clutch Kit
Type of clutch cover: Billet Aluminum
Number of Plates: 2
Diameter of Plates: 215mm
Clamping Force: 9,800N-m (1,000kgf/m)
F/W (kgs.): 6.70
Assy (kgs.): 13.46
Assy (kgs.)+SLV: 13.96

This is a USD 2,100 clutch when new. We are selling this at a fraction of the price only. Just shoot us an email at should you be interested.


ER34 Tein Super Street Coilovers #02

Less than a year old Tein Super Street Damper with Pillowball Uppermounts (Part Number GSN62-B1SS3) for Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). These are high-low, soft-hard adjustable coilovers with a rubber ring on the pillowball uppermounts to prevent groaning noise via metal-to-metal contact.

The springs on both front and rear has an ID of 7.0 with spring rates of 5.0kg/mm in front and 4.0kg/mm at the rear.

There are no leaks whatsoever and as the pictures illustrate, it's in an excellent condition. Email us at for a quote.


HKS Super Dragger Exhaust System - BNR34

We have a mint condition HKS Super Dragger cat-back exhaust system for the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. The HKS Drager Exhaust system was the first of its style to incorporate a seamless muffler shell. The Super Dragger is constructed with a high-luster polished, straight-through SUS304 Stainless Steel muffler assembly with an engraved, angle cut logo tip.

The Super Dragger sounds great and brings out the RB engine note beautifully. If you are interested, email us at for a quote including shipping.


Volk Racing TE37 18" x 9.5J +12mm 114.3 5H

We have a set of mint condition original Volk Racing TE37 measuring 18" x 9.5J offset +12mm PCD114.3 for the Nissan Skyline GT-R. These are the perfect fitment spec for BNR34. The same specs will also fit the Lancer Evolutions.

The wheels are in excellent condition without gutter rash. It'll come fitted with 265/35/18 Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R.

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Trust Front Pipe - ER34 #02

We have a brand new Trust Front Pipe (Part No. 302-NS005) for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). The front pipe measures 80mm in diameter.

Installation of the
Trust Front Pipe will improve the exhaust efficiency tremendously as compared to the stock restrictive unit. The front pipe is a plug and play unit thus will bolt on to the ER34 without any welding/modifications.

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A'pexi Super AFC NEO

We have a mint A'pexi Super AFC Neo that was only used for a few months.
The screen surface is great without a scratch in view. It's basically like new!

The AFC Neo is a multifunctional sub-computer that allows the tuner to fine-tune air-fuel ratios, calculate MAF/MAP transfer functions, control VTEC or other solenoids, address stall issues associated with open-air blow off valves, and monitor key ECU data.

Changes in air-fuel ratio are achieved by correcting the airflow sensor signal or pressure sensor signal at 16 different RPM points, and at high and low throttle positions, all of which can be moved according to the customers needs. By changing this input signal, the tuner can alter the injector pulse width as calculated by the ECU.

The AFC NEO is unique in the sense that it has a built in MAF/MAP transfer function, which is necessary when the tuner swaps MAF/MAP sensors from one vehicle application to another. By setting the sensor IN and OUT to the appropriate sensor numbers, the AFC NEO can act as a translator/emulator unit, eliminating the need for costly sensor or ECU reprogramming.

The unit also has a VTEC solenoid control function that allows the tuner to change the VTEC engagement/disengagement point on Honda VTEC systems (not compatible with iVTEC systems). The VTEC solenoid control and also be used to control other types of solenoids as used in nitrous-oxide and water/methanol injection systems.

On MAF applications with open-air blowoff valves, there is a deceleration air correction feature that allows the tuner to compensate for the over-rich condition that occurs at throttle-off. By adjusting the MAF signal at throttle-off condition, the tuner can reduce the amount of fuel injected and prevent stalling.

In monitor mode, the driver can monitor digital engine RPM, throttle position, battery voltage, airflow sensor capacity usage, pressure sensor data, Karman frequency, MAF/MAP/Karman correction factor, and solenoid on/off status.

The AFC NEO is a universal unit that can be used on a wide range of cars and trucks that have an air metering system that uses a VAF, MAF or MAP sensors operating within the 0-5 volt range, as well as applications using Karman sensors. There are some unique applications that do not allow for the proper functioning of the AFC NEO. If you are not sure, please contact Apex for assistance.

- Compact "Piggy-Back" Fuel Management Computer (+50% ~ -50%).
- Unit incorporates both the SAFC and the VAFC.
- NEW "Easy" (8-Point) & "Pro" (16 Point) Modes.
- NEW Color FED Display & Interchangeable Button and Background Colors.
- Inverting "anti-glare" screen allowing view from both angles.

Monitor Mode:
RPM, Throttle, Battery Voltage, Correction %, Air Flow %, Pressure (Kpa), Karmann, VTEC

Setting Mode:
Air Map, Air Map Graph, Throttle Point, Deceleration Air, VTEC Control, VTEC Unmatch

Etc. Mode:
Model Select, Mode Select, Sensor Select, Analog Select, Warning Set, Display Set, Sensor Check

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Trust/GReddy Air Diversion Plate - GDB

Brand new Trust/GReddy air diversion plate for the Subaru Impreza GDB. Air will usually escape through the top and bottom of the radiator, limiting the efficiency of the radiator. The Trust/GReddy Air Diversion Plate fits over the top of the core support and the radiator. This is an easy bolt on panel the ensures more effective airflow, forcing more air into the radiator and ensuring maximum cooling efficiency. Plus it also looks great under the hood!

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Endless 6 Pot Brake Kit for Mazda RX-8 (SE3P)

We have a mint condition Endless 6 pot brake calipers for Mazda RX-8 (SE3P). This is the "Brake Kit" from Endless thus are direct plug and play into the RX-8.
Endless steel braided brake hoses will also be included.

The brake kit also comes with Endless MX72 brake pads. These brake pads are rated to 700 degrees.

These calipers have been used for only 12,000km before it is removed. As depicted in the pictures, it's in really good condition. The brake kit costs USD3,500 brand new. We are selling this off at a really good price. You can't find a used Endless Brake Kit for the SE3P as low mileage and as clean as this.

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R32 LED Tail Lights

Mint condition R32 LED tailights. We are unsure what brand it is but definitely are not those el-cheapo version from Taiwan which have chrome housing. These are removed from a BNR32 in Japan.

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ORC 409 Single Plate Metal Clutch Kit - Nissan Silvia S15

We have a mint condition ORC 409 Single Plate Metal Clutch for the Nissan Silvia S15. This is a complete set comprising of the clutch cover, flywheel and clutch disc. This clutch has just been used for 5,000km before the vehicle was scrapped. The clutch pads are thick with plenty of meat left.

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NISMO Fairlady Z Type 380RS Brake Kit - Front

We have a front Brembo brake kit off a NISMO Fairlady Z Type 380RS. The 380RS is variant by NISMO that sees only a 300 unit limited run of a special edition tuned up Nissan 350Z. The NISMO Fairlady Z Type 380RS has it’s engine displacement up to 3.8 liters from the original 3.5 liters of the VQ35HR engine
putting out 350 horsepower at 7,200rpm and 397Nm at 4,800rpm. This 3.8 liter engine is a detuned version of the 400 horsepower 380RS-Competition club racer 350Z.

In short, this is a very rare and special car. We managed to secure a set of the brake kit off the 380RS.
The brake kit consists of the below:-

1) Brembo calipers
2) Slotted & dimpled rotors
3) Almost new Endless Carbon Ceramic brake pads (Endless CCM) ~ these are rated to 800 degrees

The brake kit would be an upgrade to non-Brembo equipped Z33 Fairlady, ER34 Skyline, S15 Silvia, etc...

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HKS GT-SS with manifold, outlet pipe & O2 sensor for SR20DET

We have a HKS GT-SS turbine for the SR20DET. It comes complete with HKS actuator, manifold, outlet pipe and O2 sensor as well. This was removed from a Nissan Silvia S14 but will also fit the Nissan Silvia S13, RPS13 and S15.

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