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JDM Auto Link is the official appointed distributor for AeroCatch. The AeroCatch is a new, aerodynamically efficient and aesthetically styled panel latch that is setting new standards in panel fixing for the 21st century. AeroCatch is widely used in Motorsports, Specialist Vehicle, Street Vehicles and Marine applications.

AeroCatch is designed, manufactured and packed in England. 

Aerocatch hoodpins
An alternative to normal hood pins, AeroCatch provide a flush aerodynamic design which are also aesthetically more appealing than the traditional hood pins. AeroCatch products are also paintable and allow for perfect blending with the rest of the car. The latching mechanisms are solid and made from glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic semi-crystalline material, to allow for greater chemical & temperature resistance. 

Mounting instructions
Included in the kit are 2 AeroCatch latches, stud strikers, rubber bump stops, installation fasteners, and a cutout template.
1. Lay the cardboard packaging sheet out flat, you will see two sets of cross hairs on the perimeter of the cut out, these determine the center of the stud strike for the AeroCatch.

2. Check that there is sufficient room below the hood line and that it is not in an area with an excessive radius (sometimes the effect of the radius can be reduced by angling the AeroCatch relative to the axis of the car).
3. Place the template onto the hood with the narrow end facing towards the front of the car.
4. Using a straight edge or similar line up the cross hairs onto the center of the proposed stud strike position on the hood, this will give you the correct position of the AeroCatch cut-out.
5. Now mark around the cut-out, remove the template and cut as required.
6. Place the AeroCatch in position and mark the fixing holes. Alternatively use the dimensions on the installation drawings using the position of the stud strike as the datum point.

For optimum performance the stud should be perpendicular to the hood pins, however there is a ± 5° tolerance to allow for any misalignment. Do not distort the housing when fixing, as this will adversely affect its operation and performance.

Aerocatch is available in black and carbon fibre look in option of with and without locking mechanism. We have in our inventory as below:-

- Black
- Black with lock

- Carbon Fibre  
- Carbon Fibre with lock

Email us at for more info on pricing, payment and shipping details.

Beware of counterfeits!
       AeroCatch Certificate to JDM Auto Link                AeroCatch strength compared to fakes

Counterfeits can kill. Get the original.


Below are some sample packaging of counterfeit AeroCatch. These cheap knock-off are inferior in quality and poses danger to the user.

Samples of AeroCatch application 





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