Nismo Racing Fashion Lighter Cut-Off Switch #10

Rare NISMO Racing Fashion Lighter (Red) in our inventory. These have been discontinued for a long time and are only produced in limited quantities. These will fit all Silvias and Skylines. 

Made to reassemble a kill switch and certainly provides a more racy feel to the interior. This particular unit have some glue residue on it. Probably can be removed via some chemicals.
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BCNR33 Rear Trunk and Spoiler

Mint condition trunk and rear spoiler off the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R (BCNR33). The trunk will come with the integrated 3rd brake light and associated wirings. The inside carpet is in mint condition as well.

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ARC Super Induction Box - BNR32 #2

We have a mint condition ARC Super Induction Box for the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (BNR32).

The ARC Super Induction Box greatly improves engine response at any RPM level. The response is further enhanced with a built in, aerodynamic designed funnel which laminar flow at the edge when air is suck through the intake. 

The ARC Super Induction Box are designed to hold air inside the air intake system for increased throttle response during the ON/OFF acceleration and vacuum situations. An inbuilt funnel stabilises the air speeds to create the maximum flow and efficiency at higher RPM. 

The ARC induction box is constructed from lightweight aluminum for durability and resistance to temperature variations in the engine bay. It also offers as an engine bay enhancement piece. This kit is a direct bolt on unit and requires no modifications on the engine bay. 

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Ganador Super Mirrors - R34 #01

Set of Ganador Super Mirrors for the R34 Nissan Skyline. These mirrors are replacements for standard mirrors in lighter weight and in more aerodynamic design. They also looks great!
The body is constructed of high quality ABS plastic that offers the same product quality as genuine mirror assemblies. It comes with the same wiring plug as genuine one, which allows you to plug it straight into original factory wiring. The angle of the mirror glass can be adjusted by using original factory switch. 

This set of mirrors have the optional blue lens instead of the normal clear ones. Contact us at for pricing and delivery to your location.


Trust GReddy Performance Damper Type S - CT9A

Set of pre-owned Trust Greddy Type S Performance Damper for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, 8 and 9 (CT9A). This is an advanced monotube designed replacement for the standard components produced in accordance with racing driver Takeshi Tsychiya.

The features are as below:-
- Four Corner, Full Length Adjustable Ride Height With an adjustable threaded base and spring perch height adjustments can be made without sacrificing spring preload or shock stroke. Even with a lower ride height, by maintaining stroke, bottoming out can be prevented, thus maintaining traction even when hitting a dip while corning. In addition, by having both adjustments for the front and rear, it is possible to adjust ride height in millimeter increments if desired.

- 32 way adjustable dampening By using a special 32 way valve needle, compression and rebound dampening can be simultaneously adjusted to suit both street and track use. The precise changes allow for sporty handling while still maintaining a comfortable ride.

- Adjustable Spherical Bearing Upper Mounts (pillow-ball) Standard equipment on vehicles equipped with front struts are adjustable spherical bearing upper mounts. The thick 10mm aluminum upper plates are precisely marked for secure and accurate camber adjustments. While the use of replaceable spherical bearings add extended life and cost effectiveness to the system.

- Mono Tube Shock Design The use of a large 46mm diameter piston in a Mono-tube shock design provides quick reacting dampening, even during low speed driving. While, the construction of the case is not only lightweight, but also designed to be very rigid.

- Strengthened Rubber Bushing Upper Mounts & Billet Aluminum Brackets For non-strut type applications, a thick 33mm strengthened rubber bushings on sturdy 10mm billet aluminum upper mount and lightweight billet aluminum brackets are used. This offers both exceptional noise reduction and very controllable handling profile.

- Lightweight High-grade Coil Springs All systems employ a special high strength steel (SAE9254) in it’s coil spring. This allows the springs to have the optimum balance of precise stroke, durability and lightweight. Rear springs are designed with 250mm (unless listed otherwise) variable springs to maximize the rebound stroke. This inhibits loosing traction when "lifting" while cornering. It also contributes to stable traction in wet or dry road conditions.
The spring rates are Front: 8 kg/mm and Rear: 6 kg/mm

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East Bear Front Bumper & Hood - ER34

Set of mint condition East Bear Front Bumper and Hood for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). Fitment of this front bumper gives the ER34 the BNR34 look without the need for wider fenders

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A'PEXi S-ITC Super Ignition Timing Converter

Set of very good condition Apexi Super ITC. These are fast becoming very rare to source especially in such a good condition.

The Apexi S-ITC adjusts ignition timing by +/- 15% by modifying the crank/cam angle signal. The timing curve is adjusted by setting the timing at 5 different points along the RPM range and the values between are interpolated by the ITC from those 5 points. The Super ITC used in conjunction with the Super AFC fuel controller creates a new dimension of tuning with piggyback computers.  

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ARC Super Titan Tower Bar - BNR32

Very rare and in mint condition, an ARC Super Titan Tower Bar for the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (BNR32).

The ARC Titan tower bar is manufactured out of high strength, high intensity and low weight titanium. Titanium mounting plates enable strong joins and the spread of cornering stresses improves the stability and control of the vehicle when cornering.

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Nismo Solid Short Shifter - ER34 #02

Mint condition NISMO Solid Short Shifter for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTt (ER34). This is a drop-in application that effectively reduces the stroke by 10% between gears while also `solidly` engaging in gears.

By hardening the inner rubber of a standard shift lever, the amount of deflection is decreased. At the same time, the lever length was reduced by about 7.5mm, providing a stroke 10% shorter. This changes the rather soft touch of a standard car to a much more precise, fast feeling. At the same time, while the goal is to change to a quicker shift, an overly short shift stroke will result in poor, heavy shifting. Unlike a quick shift, the lever ratio has not been changed, so the transmission synchro is not effected and a moderately faster degree of shifting is possible. Installation is easy because the solid shift has the same basic dimensions as a standard shift.

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BNR34 Brembo Calipers with Rotors #04

We have a set of Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (BNR34) Brembo calipers with rotors. These makes a great addition to non-Brembo equipped Nissan Skyline (R32, R33 and R34), the Nissan Silvia (S13, S14 and S15) and also the 350Z (Z33). 

This set of brakes were removed from a 30,000km BNR34. You can tell it's in superb condition based on the pictures. The set of brakes will also comes with original Brembo brake pads with plenty of life in it. 

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Original Aluminum Fenders - BNR32

Set of original aluminum fenders for the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (BNR32). These are already pre-preg and primered and thus are ready for a fresh coat of paint to match your vehicle colour. Ideal to replace damaged panels or for conversion to BNR32 look. 

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NISMO S-Tune Front Bumper - R34 #2

Pre-owned Nismo S-Tune Front Bumper for the R34 Nissan Skyline (ER34, HR34, ENR34).

This is a very rare body part from Nismo. It is aesthetically pleasing yet perfectly functional. This aero part has been wind tunnel tested with up to a 10% decrease in air resistance! The bumper is made to order from Nismo thus you can be sure of exclusivity when you equip your R34 with this bumper.

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HKS Kansai Dual Exhaust System #01 - R35 GT-R

Mint condition pre-owned HKS Kansai Dual Exhaust System for the Nissan GT-R (R35). This set of exhaust system is designed by HKS Kansai as a full twin exhaust from the front pipes to the end. This does away with the rear central muffler design as well instead opting for two inline mufflers with a more direct exhaust flow path. 

 This is a complete dual pipe system, ie. two pipes from the turbo downpipes (with a proper muffler in the midsection and not a resonator), two pipes after the muffler running down the entire length to the rear and splitting into two separate left and right mufflers ending in quad tail pipes in blued titanium finish. 

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