How We Ship

All orders will be shipped via EMS with tracking number. Packages will be wrapped securely in a box with proper padding (bubble wrap, paper, foam) on the inside. 

Amongst the countries that we have shipped to are Australia, United States, England, Germany, Scotland, Kenya, Iceland, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Canada, South Africa, Croatia, Norway, Thailand, Myanmar, and many more.

We have shipped numerous parts; exhaust system, brakes, fuel injectors, camshafts, crankshafts, conrods, suspension system, oil pumps, turbines, BOVs, intercoolers, OE parts, etc....

Below are sample of actual items and packaging that we have sent out.

Pic 1: R34 Skyline headlights to United States

Pic 2: HKS Conrods to Australia

Pic 3: RB25DET Gasket Kit to Kenya

Pic 4: Number plate frame to Germany

Pic 5: HKS Crankshaft to Australia