OS Giken STR2C Twin Plate Clutch - RB25DET

We have a mint condition OS Giken STR2C Twin Plate Clutch for the Nissan RB25DET. This set came off a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-25t (ECR33) that have just traveled 10,000km. As pictured, the clutch pads are literally like new!

The OS Giken STR2C Twin Plate Clutch Kit is designed for daily driven high performance Nissan vehicles. STR clutches provide the comfort of the stock clutch’s pedal feel and the strength of a race ready twin plate. Whether it be a lap around the track or a trip to the corner store, the STR Multi Plate Racing Clutch equally handles each task with ease. Another major improvement is the use of the aluminum cover and redesigned discs which allow for better heat dissipation and continual performance under hard use.

The clutch is rated to 550~600hp!!

Brand : OS Giken
Product: STR2C Twin Plate STR Clutch Kit
Type of clutch cover: Billet Aluminum
Number of Plates: 2
Diameter of Plates: 215mm
Clamping Force: 9,800N-m (1,000kgf/m)
F/W (kgs.): 6.70
Assy (kgs.): 13.46
Assy (kgs.)+SLV: 13.96

This is a USD 2,100 clutch when new. We are selling this at a fraction of the price only. Just shoot us an email at sales@jdmautolink.com should you be interested.


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