HKS Circle Earth System

The HKS Circle Earth Grounding System is a universal 'Earthing/Grounding System' for vehicles looking for a smoother and more efficiently running engine. The kit comes with 8 grounding lines. They are made of high quality 8scq grounding line wrapped in a very appealing signature HKS Purple coating (the line consists of 658 0.12mm lines which allow to withstand up to 65A).

Important places to run the ground are the body, engine block, engine head, intake manifold, etc. All the lines are run from the 24 karat gold plated distribution block.

With proper grounding, improved idle, response, low-mid torque and drivability can be achieved by enhancing the performance of electronics. In addition, noise in the audio system will be reduced, power to the lights increased and a cleaner burning, more fuel-efficient engine can be realized.

This is a used set but as the picture will attest to, it's in perfect condition. Email us at if you are keen.


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