ATS Carbon Twin Plate Clutch - BNR34

Set of mint pre-owned ATS Carbon Twin Plate Clutch for the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (BNR34).
ACROSS Corporation is a leading carbon manufacturer with the most advanced CC composite technology in the world. The super light and heat resistant characteristics of CC composite gives a driver truly exceptional strength, response, and durability. Its operation is very smooth and easy on the transmission.

From the street to the racetrack, under any driving condition, ATS carbon clutch enhances your driving performance and excitement. It has Super shift response and the weight of ATS carbon friction disk is only 400g. It is exceptionally light Super heat-resistance Designed to resist over 2,000 degrees Centigrade (3,650 degrees Fahrenheit).

It  has excellent deformation-resistance. The deformation is 1/10 of iron. You always get a smooth & crisp engagement, Operating ATS clutch is very easy, even when driving up a slope and in a traffic congestion. The power transfer is 10% to 30% higher than metal clutch. The torque transfer is 30% to 50% higher than the metal. It is also highly durable due to the various favorable characteristics of carbon. It will have much longer life span compared to metal clutches as well.

The clutch will also comes with the pull-to-push converter kit as well. Should you be interested in these parts, email us at for pricing and delivery to your location. 


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