ARC Twin Entry Intercooler Kit Set - BNR34

Set of brand new very rare ARC Twin Entry Intercooler Kit Set (Part No. 1N174-AA058) for the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (BNR34). These have been discontinued for a long while and it's almost impossible to source it anymore. Our set is brand new and possibly one of the last set available.

The ARC Intercooler setup will significantly decrease intake temperatures. A reduction of intake temperatures allows for better horse power and performance potential. You will notice better throttle response as well as higher boost ability with this kit.

This is the perfect setup for those looking for some quality performance. Do note that this is the top of the range
Twin Entry Intercooler Kit from ARC featuring a much thicker intercooler core size at 109mm.

Should you be interested, contact us at for pricing and delivery to your location. 

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