Nismo Meter Cluster (Black) - BCNR33 #01

We have a mint black-faced Nismo Meter Cluster for the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R (BCNR33) This is designed to replace your existing unit, plug and play. It goes up to 320km/h and has a red line of 11000rpm. With this in your cockpit you will definitely be set apart from the others BCNR33 out there.

The odometer reads just 4,650 km! Contact us at for pricing and delivery to your location. 





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  1. Mcm mana meter ni bleh ada kt ko? Setahu aku dlm Malaysia ni aku sorg ja yg pkai meter ni, baik ko padam post ni, aku tak mahu nanti org pkir aku beli kt ko.