Trust GReddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller

Mint condition Trust GReddy Profec-B Spec II Boost Controller (EVC). This is the newest version of the popular and easy to use Profec-B. The preset boost-level can easily be set on two different settings, ideal for regular driving and racing. The Profec B Spec II can be used with internally and externally wastegated turbo's both single and twin!

The Profec B Spec II is quite simple to install, wiring only consists of ground and battery. Once installed, the item is extremely easy to use for getting some extra HP!! In addition, the item comes with a warning function which will turn the screen red when overboost happens and the limiter can be set in order to decrease boost if the warning happens to go off. It is also compatible with the 'GReddy Remote Switching System' and has a built in boost meter equipped with peak hold and will also continue to display the last boost level for 3 seconds upon releasing the acceleration pedal.

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