HKS GT2540 - SR20DET

We have a pre-owned mint condition HKS GT2540 turbine for the Nissan Silvia SR20DET (S13, S14 and S15). This HKS and Garrett Turbochargers exclusive turbine are designed to offer a balance between power and response that is often not inherent with conventional turbos. By utilizing a ball-bearing center cartridge, versus a conventional bronze bushing type bearing, weight and friction on the center shaft is reduced allowing for increased response. 

A unique compressor wheel design prevents efficiency drop during high boost conditions and the new turbine wheel design maximizes exhaust flow to produce low-end torque as well as high-end torque.  The HKS designed exhaust housings incorporate a spherical section scroll that quickens exhaust flow for better response and utilizes a larger tapered opening that prevents exhaust pressure build up.

This turbine is in superb condition. The wheel spins freely and there is virtually no shaft play (in & out and left & right). The HKS GT2540 is rated to 350PS. Contact us at for pricing and delivery to your location.



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