Complete ER34 Wiring Harness - RB25DET NEO MT

We have the complete set of wiring off a Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34) 2 door. This is from the RB25DET NEO manual transmission version. Basically it is all the wiring harness from the engine bay till the boot of the vehicle.  

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 Engine Room Harness Assy


Engine Harness - EGI

Engine Room Sub Harness Assy (Coilpack Harness)


Engine Room Sub Harness Assy (Injector Harness)

Main Harness Assy

Body Harness No. 2

Body Harness Body (Rear Wiring Loom)

Tail Harness Assy

Anti Skid Module Assy

Battery Cable Assy

Fuel Injectors Resister Pack

HICAS Control Unit

Sub Meter Harness


Throttle Control Module Assy

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