HKS GD Pro Clutch (Twin Plate - Pull Type) - BNR32, BCNR33, ER34

We have a mint condition HKS GD Pro clutch for the Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32 and BCNR33) and the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). This is a twin plate pull type clutch. The HKS GD Pro clutch series are essentially a racing clutch application designed for street-car use.

The multiple plate design allows increased friction area and direct power transfer, thus offering greater horsepower and torque holding capacity and light clutch pedal pressure for easier clutch pedal management. The use of rivet-less clutch disks allow for better durability, increased friction area and direct torque transfer, while maintaining a friction material that is both wear and heat resistant. Each multi-plate clutch kit comes with a lightweight chrome-moly flywheel that optimizes durability and high performance. 

The use of very durable and lightweight chrome-moly material with a steel tooth ring makes it possible to construct a thinner flywheel without sacrificing integrity. The concept behind a lightweight flywheel stems from the desire to enhance low-rpm throttle response on high RPM horsepower applications. With the lightened flywheel in the HKS Twin Plate Clutch kits, a quick rise in RPM can be attained from light throttle input for easier RPM matching when downshifting and to counter low torque at low RPM levels. Though the main focus of the HKS multi-plate clutch kits is on ultimate power transfer and engine response, a stable idle and smooth driveability is still maintained.

This HKS GD Pro clutch are rated to the following power outputs:
Torque approximately 980Nm (100kgf-m) to transmission
Power approximately 440kW (600PS) to transmission

This clutch was removed from a BCNR33 that was rear ended and hence scrapped. Total mileage traveled was just 3,000km.

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