MCR Paddle System (Advance Model) - R35 GT-R

We have a pre-owned mint condition MCR Paddle System. This is the top of the range Advance Model with cruise control functions.

The Advance Model of the MCR Paddle System utilizes a special Works Bell steering boss, includes the carbon fibre paddle shifter kit and also includes the cruise control switch kit. All you need to do from here is choose your favorite racing steering wheel.

The difference between the these and the stock paddle shifter is that the MCR Paddle System will allow the shifters to move with the steering wheel, so that you will be able to shift at any degree of steering.

These costs JPY114,030 brand new excluding taxes and shipping from MCR. Our unit in stock is like-new and comes with all associated parts, wirings and documents. And it's at a fraction of that price. Email us at for more details on pricing and shipping to your location.

Here are some video links of it in operation:-

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