GETRAG 6 Speed Transmission - BNR34


We have a mint condition pre-owned Nissan GETRAG 6 Speed Transmission from the Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34). This was used for only 30,000km before the vehicle was upgraded with a sequential transmission.

This transmission comes stock on the BNR34  in the form of a 6-speed close ratio and is built by the largest independent manufacturer of transmissions in the world, GETRAG. This is one of the STRONGEST stock transmission available on the market and can take a great deal of abuse! It is also possible and very popular to custom fit the BNR34 GETRAG into the BNR32 and BCNR33 to have a nearly indestructible gearbox in your car. The following values are the gear ratios for the GETRAG transmission.

1st Gear Ratio 3.83:1

2nd Gear Ratio 2.36:1
3rd Gear Ratio 1.69:1
4th Gear Ratio 1.31:1
5th Gear Ratio 1:1
6th Gear Ratio 0.79:1

The GETRAG transmission sells for USD 7,600 brand new excluding freight and taxes. We are selling this unit at a fraction of that price. Email us at for pricing and shipping details.







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