TEIN Mono Sport Coilover Suspension Kit - Honda NSX (NA1 NA2)

Brand new Tein Mono Sport coilovers for the Honda NSX (NA1/NA2). The newly introduced Mono Flex is TEIN's dual purpose street/track coil over suspension. The Mono Flex differs from the Street Flex by adding spherical bearing top mounts and a mono-tube design that increases damper response time and increases the consistency of the performance once the dampers begins to heat up from aggressive driving. 

New to the TEIN line is the micro speed valve which adds a separate valve for low speed compression. In addition to better suspension response by independently tuning the damper for different damper response speeds, the MSV valve eliminates the "pogoing" during straight line constant speed (ie. driving on freeway) associated to older TEIN systems and other aftermarket suspensions. 

The Mono Flex suspension is valved slightly more aggressively than the standard Flex and is ideal for street & track use. The Mono Flex has the same 16-way adjustment and is compatible with the EDFC system.

Should you be interested in these, contact us at sales@jdmautolink.net for pricing and delivery to your location. 

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