C-One Sports Filter - 2GR-FE & 2AZ-FE

Brand new C-One Sports Filter (FE1780-GE150) to fit the 2GR-FE & 2AZ-FE engines found on the:-

Blade Master - GRE156H
Blade - AZE154H, AZE156H
Estima - GSR50W, GSR55W, ACR50W, ACR55W
Vellfire - ANH20W, ANH25W, GGH20W, GGH25W
Alphard - ANH20W, ANH25W, GGH20W, GGH25W 

The C-One sports air filter replaces the standard air filter and offers improved efficiency with reduced air resistance for improved performance. It features:-

- Special polyurethane foam construction
- Reduced air resistance
- Effective dust filtering
- Available for a range of Toyota vehicles
- Red filter with C-One logo

Should you be interested, contact us at sales@jdmautolink.net for pricing and delivery to your location.



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