C-One Low Temp Thermostat - 1NZFE, 2NZFE, 1JZGTE, 2JZGTE, 2ZZGE, 1ZZGE, 3SGE, 3SGTE

Brand new C-One Low Temp Thermostat which opens up at 68C (143.6F). The Low Temp Thermostat would be very helpful in racing applications or during very hot climate areas. 

* Promotes earlier coolant circulation inside the engine
* Reduces power loss caused by rising coolant temperatures on the track

Limited units available for the below vehicles:-

1) FE9091-NCP90 to fit 1NZFE, 2NZFE, 1JZGTE, 2JZGTE
Aristo - JZS161, JZS160
Mark II / Chaser - JZX115, JZX110, JZX100, JZX90
Supra - JZA80

Altezza Gita - JCE10, JCE15W
Fielder /Corolla Axio - NZE14
Auris / Rumion - NZE15
Fielder - NZE124G,
NZE121G, NZE120G
RunX / Allex - NZE124, NZE121
Vitz - NCP95,
NCP91, NCP15, NCP13, NCP10
Lactis - NCP105, NCP100,
Ist - NCP65,
NCP61, NCP60
bB - NCP35, NCP34, NCP31, NCP30

2) FE9091-ZT230 to fit 2ZZGE, 1ZZGE
Fielder / Corolla Axio - ZRE14
Auris / Rumion - ZRE15
Caldina - ZZT241
Celica - ZZT231,
Fielder - ZZE124G, ZZE123G, ZZE122GRunX / Allex - ZZE124, ZZE123, ZZE122
MR-S - ZZW30

3) FE9091-ST200 to fit 3SGE, 3SGTE
Altezza - SXE10
Caldina - ST246W, ST215G
Celica GT-FOUR - ST205
Celica - ST202
MR2 - SW20

Email us at sales@jdmautolink.net for pricing and delivery to your location.


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