Enkei NT03 N1 Nur Edition (18 X 9.5 +15) - BNR34

Set of very rare forged Enkei NT03 N1 Nur Edition. These measures  18" X 9.5 +15 and are a perfect fitment for BNR34. 

These were made for the Group N BNR34s for the N1 Endurance Race in Japan. The wheel centre  are stamped with GTR, R34, NUR, ET15 and GrN signaling it's authenticity.

The NT03 is designed with a perimeter brace ring that enhances the wheel strength so it’s able to resist deformation or distortion from outer forces, resulting in highly accurate steering response and strength. The same wheels were used on the Falken GT-R and MCR demo BNR34 as depicted below.

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