HKS Twin Power Type DLI II with Harness - BNR34

Mint condition HKS Twin Power Type DLI II with Harness for the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (BNR34). 

The HKS Twin Power Type DLI II ignition amplifier incorporates both the CDI and transistor method ignition to provide optimum spark duration and maximum voltage output, resulting in crisper throttle response and a smoother engine powerband.

The CDI method, capacity discharge ignition, provides maximum voltage by transferring all stored energy in the capacitor to the ignition coil so that the ignition current can buildup quickly, thus making the Twin Power very effective in the higher revs where a normal spark would tend to diminish. This strong rapid spark prevents the high rpm ignition miss that reduces peak power. 

The transistorized method generates high voltage by using transistors to cut off current to the coil, thus allowing for a long energy discharge. This longer spark duration allows the Twin Power to improve lower RPM throttle response and torque. 

The combination of the CDI and the transistor method incorporates two distinct systems into one high performance unit, hence the designation of Twin Power. The Twin Power produces a spark output that is typically 1.5-2.5 stronger than of the stock ignition system and consumes about 35% less power input than other ignition amplifiers. 

Each Twin power unit is constructed of durable anodized aluminum and sealed to prevent corrosion from moisture. On HKS website, it is published that the Twin Power TYPE-DLI II inceases both power and torque on a BNR34 to the figure of 12.3ps and 13.5Nm (1.4kgm)

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