GReddy Damper Remote Control Kit

Mint condition pre-owned GReddy Damper Remote Control Kit. The GReddy Damper Remote Control Kit will allow you to adjust your damper settings from the comfort of your driver’s seat. 

This control kit is compatible with any of the Greddy Performance Type S Damper line up. Before the control kit, it was a pain trying to adjust your suspension to your desired settings. Depending on what car you have; you would have to pop your hood open, pop your trunk open, and even climb in the back seats just to adjust the dampening. You would then drive the car and find out you wanted to tweak the settings a bit more and have to do this process all over again. 

Now, with the Greddy Damper Remote Control Kit, you can do all this from the comfort of your driver’s seat. This also comes in handy for daily driven cars that are still used for aggressive driving and need a quick damper tweaking because this control kit has a memory function that will automatically set the dampening to your favorite saved settings.

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