APEXi Super Catalyzer - BNR34

Mint condition pre-owned APEXi Super Catalyzer (Part No. 149-N001) for the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (BNR34). APEXi's Super Catalyzer provides true high efficiency exhaust flow and still meet exhaust emissions & safety standards.

The inlet & outlet diamaters are designed to ensure maximum exhaust flow efficiency & engine power output. Most aftermarket models utilizes 300 cpsi in order to meet exhaust regulations. APEXi uses 130 cpsi honeycomb cell rating to ensure low pressure loss & thus reduces exhaust flow resistance. This results in improved torque & better engine response. With the inclusion of precious metals & a metal honeycomb structure, it increases the purification efficiency per unit area involvement.

The internal construction is of honeycomb structure where it will ensure minimal exhaust flow resistance. The cell rating for the honeycomb structure is rated at a JASMA leading 130 cpsi.  The inlet & outlet diameter designs are maximized for high power outputs as compared to other exhaust brands' ultra low resistant catalyst.

The Super Catalyzer's ultralow resistant honeycomb structure filters the exhaust gas efficiently, and still able to meet exhaust emissions & safety standards. This is acheived by using high quality precious metals combination in the honeycomb structure.

The Super Catalyzer is made of high quality stainless steel construction, including the thick 12 mm mating flanges. Ths is to eliminate any gas leaks which will rob the vehicle's engine power. Durability & reliability are guaranteed.

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