Goodridge High Performane Brakeline - R35 GT-R

In stock, brand new Goodridge High Performane Brakeline for the Nissan GT-R (R35). These are race-bred brake lines that are constructed from the finest quality hose, consisting of a PTFE inner hose covered by braided stainless steel. 

In addition to providing a more responsive and firm brake pedal by eliminating the “spongy” feel that often accompanies stock rubber brake lines,  Goodridge High Performane Brakeline are abrasion and corrosion resistant to stay good looking for a long time to come.

They are direct bolt-on replacements for all of the rubber brake lines in the vehicle’s brake system. To ensure proper fit and easy installation, hose ends and brake line brackets that match the vehicle’s original equipment style are used for each application. 

By conforming to all requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 106, Goodridge High Performane Brakeline are U.S. Department of Transportation certified and T.U.V. approved. All Goodridge G-Stop High Performance Brakelines go through a 9-point Quality Assurance testing process that includes measuring tensile strength and the ability to contain line pressure to 3,000 pounds per square inch.

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