ARC Prestege-R Radiator - S15

We have a pre-owned mint condition ARC Prestege-R radiator for the Nissan Silvia S15. This radiator features super micro tubes, which is manufactured with the latest technology at an efficiency rate increase of 27.5% compared to any conventional radiator.

As a result, the radiator is excellent for race-use and also for road use. The heat exchanger is able to perform at the highest efficiency to stabilize the working conditions of the engine.

The ARC Prestege-R Radiator goes for JPY 165,000 / USD 2,100 when new. Our unit is in good condition and goes for a fraction of that price. We will also give in a free ARC radiator cap with this purchase.

Email us at sales@jdmautolink.
net for pricing and delivery to your location.


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