Nismo Solid Short Shifter - ER34

We have a mint condition NISMO Solid Short Shifter for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). This
is a drop-in application that effectively reduces the stroke by 10% between gears while also `solidly` engaging in gears.

By hardening the inner rubber of a standard shift lever, the amount of deflection is decreased. At the same time, the lever length was reduced by about 7.5mm, providing a stroke 10% shorter. This changes the rather soft touch of a standard car to a much more precise, fast feeling. At the same time, while the goal is to change to a quicker shift, an overly short shift stroke will result in poor, heavy shifting. Unlike a quick shift, the lever ratio has not been changed, so the transmission synchro is not effected and a moderately faster degree of shifting is possible. Installation is easy because the solid shift has the same basic dimensions as a standard shift.

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