Do Luck Rear Tension Set - BNR34 #01

We have in stock a very rare and sought after Do Luck Rear Tension Set comprising of the Rear Tension Gauge and Rear Tension Bar for the Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34).

The Do Luck Rear Tension Set has been designed to prevent chassis flex by connecting the rear of the vehicle with the centre. It is not a roll cage thus no worries about authorities while driving on the street.

This set is made from aluminum thus it is very light but at the same time it is strong as well.

Installed, it will significantly improves cornering handling and chassis rigidity especially when combined with the Do Luck Rear Cross bar and Floor Support Bar.

The design of the tubular material is such that the device can be used with the factory seats and interior in place to allow easy access for rear passengers.

The item is in superb condition. Do not miss this chance to own one of the rarest BNR34 parts on the market. Email us at for a quote including shipping.

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