Aragosta Circuit Spec Coilovers - BCNR33/BNR34

The Aragosta company was founded thirty years ago in the Netherlands. Aragosta products have an awesome reputation worldwide and are famous in Japan through Paris-Dakar events and Touring car motor sports. They are also recommended as performance upgrades by Knight Sports, Top Secret, Midori and many more. These are very reputable companies in their own right.

We have a set of Aragosta coilovers for the BCNR33 Skyline GT-R and BNR34 Skyline GT-R. These will also for the ER34 Skyline GTT.

The one that we are selling is the circuit spec version with spring rates of:-
Front spring rates : 10K
Rear spring rates: 8K

Aragosta coilovers feature:
- Pillow ball type upper mounts to allow for geometry changes
- Forged aluminum cylinder construction for absolute strength
- High intensity chrome plating +WPC processed cartridge cylinder
- Rust-proofed outer casing and quality paint
- Total length threaded bottom case is adjustable for height
- Total length threaded cylinder bracket for spring adjustment
- 12 step damping adjustment function
- Helper springs at the rear

These are very rare and exclusive coilovers. A brand new set will cost around JPY 320,000 and that excludes delivery. Do not miss the chance to own one of the best coilovers in the market today.

If you are interested, email us at for a quote including shipping.


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