Ohlins Type HAL DFV Suspension Kit - CZ4A Lancer Evo X

Set of pre-owned Ohlins Type HAL DFV Suspension Kit for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A). Specifications as follows: 

Type: HAL 
Model Geometry: Height adjustment screw (With length adjustment mechanism) 
Dampening Settings: 20 
Upper Mounts: - Front: Pillow Ball - Rear: Rubber Upper Mounts 
Adjustability Height (mm): - Front: +/-15 - Rear: +8~-15 
Drop From OEM: - Front(mm): 25 - Rear(mm): 25 
Spring Length: - Front(mm): 200 - Rear(mm): 200 
Spring Rate: - Front(kgf): 10 - Rear(kgf): 7 

Should you be interested in this, contact us at sales@jdmautolink.net for pricing and delivery to your location.

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