Enkei Centrelock Magnesium Wheels

This is a set of brand new Enkei Centrelock Magnesium  Wheels. They were made for R32 Skyline GTS Type M for a private team that will be competing in the GT300 class for All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC). The team is called Hirano Motors and are based in Fukuroi-city, Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. JGTC is now renamed to Super GT. 

Enkei manufactured 3 sets for them and this is the only set that is unused. Hirano Motors aimed to race GT300 in 2002. Unfortunately, the owner became very ill, and therefore, they never did manage to race their R32 Skyline. 

The detailed specification of the wheels are as below: 
■FRONT:18"x10.0 ET+15 10H-PCDφ100(Peg Hole φ13.3)Forged Mg 
■REAR:18"x11.0 ET+20 10H-PCDφ100(Peg Hole φ13.3)Forged Mg

If you are interested in these, contact us at sales@jdmautolink.net for pricing and delivery to your location.

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