Splitfire Super Direct Ignition System (SF-DIS-001)- BNR32/HCR32/BCNR33/ECR33 #02

Set of mint pre-owned Splitfire Super Direct Ignition System (DIS-001) for the Nissan Skyline R32 and R33 (BNR32/HCR32/BCNR33/ECR33). This system replaces the original coil pack with a direct ignition coil on plug system. The increased ignition performance found with the SplitFire Super Direct Ignition System is a must for all performance enthusiasts.

- Increases horsepower at the top end of the RPM band
- Ensures and maintains maximum energy supplied to the spark plugs
- Reduces incomplete combustion caused by misfire
- Easy installation designed to fit the high performance engines

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