Trust GReddy T618Z Bolt-On Turbo Kit - RX-8 SE3P

Set of pre-owned Trust GReddy T618Z Bolt-On Turbo Kit for the Mazda RX-8 (SE3P). This kit is a bolt-on turbo kit which comes with everything you need including the following parts:
GReddy T618Z turbo with internal wastegate
Cast turbo manifold
Cast turbo downpipe
Aluminum intake pipe with intake filter
Intercooler piping
GReddy E-manage Ultimate and Wiring Adapter so there is no wire cutting to your stock ECU harness.

The turbo kit is set to run 5 psi out of the box.  This is a safe boost level.  With other fuel system support and engine modification, the turbo is good to run up to 20 psi with a boost controller.  The E-manage comes pre-programmed. GReddy claims 60 rear wheel HP gain from the turbo kit out of the box. 60 rear wheel horsepower was achieved on GReddy's test cars. The actual horsepower will vary from car to car. Further tuning of the E-Manage Ultimate with the E-manage laptop software may result in improved HP gain. 

This set also comes with the below extras:-
Kinokuni RunMax steel braided lines, fittings, engine block and remote filter block kit
MazdaSpeed Oil Catch Can Kit 

If you are interested in this kit, email us at for pricing and delivery. 



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