BNR34 MFD Replacement Screen - Sharp & Toshiba

In stock, brand new Sharp and Toshiba replacement Multi Function Display (MFD) screen for the R34 Skyline GT-R (BNR34).

It is common that the MFD tends to turn to a shade of orange due to age. A remedy to this issue is via the replacement of the screen itself to a new screen unit. With that, your MFD display will be as good as new, just like the day it rolled off the factory line.

These are no longer in production hence it will be very tough to get in the near future. Get yours today to replace your faulty ones or to keep as spare.

As a guide:
Early 1999 R34 --> Sharp
Late 1999 onwards R34 --> Toshiba

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  1. can u tell me more details about the screen.

    i have r34 99 and it has sharp screen but not working now and i want to upgrade to nicmo virson ii so i want to repleace it with new 1.
    but i dont know what i should take sharp or toshiba? can u help me plz with this issu?
    my e-mail.

  2. Hi. You have an email. Thank you.