Tomei Poncams Type B (260° 9.15mm) - BNR34

Mint condition pre-owned set of Tomei Poncams Type B (260° 9.15mm) for the Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34). These are designed to best suit the stock or larger bolt on turbos for optimum performance balance of low to mid range torque.

The camshaft specifications are as follows:-

Duration (Intake) - 260°
Duration (Exhaust) - 260°
Lift (Intake) - 9.15mm
Lift (Exhaust) - 9.15mm
Intake Valve - 110°
Exhaust Valve - 115°
Intake V- Clearance - 0.45mm
Exhaust V- Clearance - 0.38m

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