HKS Kansai Refresh Bar - R34 Skyline

We have a brand new HKS Kansai Refresh Bar for the R34 Nissan Skyline (Both BNR34 and ER34). The HKS Kansai Service Refresh Bar Cage is a bolt on roll cage made from light weight chromoly. HKS Kansai Service has made this specially designed Refresh Bar to stiffen up the chassis without making the car inconvenient to drive like a full roll cage would. With this design, you will not have roll cage bars coming down by your head making it a challenge to get in and out of the car. 

As such, a car fitted with the HKS Kansai Refresh Bar can still be used for everyday driving as it is out of the driver and passenger's way. These took 3 months to reach us from the point of ordering, fabrication and final delivery. Our set also comes with the optional HKS Kansai foam padding for the roll cage.

Now it's available to you immediately. We only have one of these in stock, contact us at for pricing and delivery to your location.

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