NISMO S-Tune Suspension - ER34

We have a set of mint condition Nismo S-Tune Suspension for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). The Nismo S-Tune Suspension is made specifically to suit fast street use.

In developing the suspension, the amount of the stroke has been perfectly adjusted. The damping force was balanced by using the best springs. The upgrade were not only external, the amount of oil, the length of the case, and the lengths of the rods are fine tuned down to the last millimeter.

The suspension also lowers  the center of gravity via an overall lower riding height. The suspension characteristic never changes, even if the number of passengers changes, this is due to the huge amount of the stroke this suspension provides. Moreover, the strain on the suspension bush and the body is decreased by employing a rubber bush to the upper mount, the advantage of which is long-term maintenance free vehicle condition.

Below are some specs of the NISMO S-Tune Suspension
- 4-Way adjustable
- Short Stroke Type
- Damping Force 0.3m/sec, N(kgf) Front (step 3) 1454/714 (148/73) Rear (step 3) 1039/417 (106/43)
- Spring constant N/mm (kgf/mm) Front 62.8(6.4) Rear 45.1(4.6)
- Vehicle height change Front~ -30mm Rear~ -30mm

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