RSR Ti2000 Coil Springs - Fairlady 370Z (Z34)

We have a mint condition RSR Ti2000 coil springs for the Nissan Fairlady 370Z (Z34). The RS-R Ti2000 is the flagship lowering spring by RS-R which is a direct replacement for the OEM setup. This will safely lower the vehicle while increasing the spring rate for sporty driving. RS-R has manufactured the Ti2000 with the highest quality and guarantees lifetime performance without ever sagging.
Product Specs
Product: Ti2000 Suspension Set - Down Type Nissan Fairlady Z Z34
Part No: N134TD


Pioneering the next generation in suspension tuning, RS-R has brought forth the Ti2000 lowering spring. Backed with a lifetime guarantee, these springs are sure to be well worth your money! One of a kind, these springs are manufactured through a high frequency induction heating process, making it more durable than most springs on the market.

Titanium is used in most aspects of the motor sports industry; not only is it lightweight, but its durability and strength sets it apart from the rest. The Ti2000 lives up to its name: springs made of a titanium composite metal with 2000 tensile strength. Not only being made of advanced material, but delivering great ride quality and performance makes the Ti2000 springs the most advanced lowering spring.

Spring Type: Down Type Spring Rate (kg/mm): - Front: 8.15 - Rear: 8.87
Height Drop (mm): - Front: 15~10 - Rear: 15~10

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