HKS 480cc Injectors (1402-RN011) - ER34

We have a brand new set (6 pcs) of HKS 480cc injectors (Part No. 1402-RN011) for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). These are plug and play into the stock fuel rail and offers additional fueling needs of boosted up engines.

Interestingly enough, these have the Nismo stamping on the body of the injectors. One would assume that it's probably the same as the Nismo 480cc injectors. And just like the Nismo injectors, instead of a single or dual spray nozzle, it has 4 spray nozzles per injector.

These top feed high impedance 4 hole spray pattern injector will produce very nice atomisation. Besides the ER34, it will also be compatible with CPV35, C35, Z33, WGC34 and WGNC34

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