ORC Pro Clutch Line

We have a used ORC Stainless Steel Pro Clutch Line (Part No.:
ORC-PLC-01NE33) removed from a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t (ECR33). This will also be compatible for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTt (ER34) if the gearbox has been converted to a push system.

The ORC Pro Clutch line replaces the standard rubber hose for improved clutch feel and performance in high heat environments. The standard rubber hose can flex and expand when subjected to heat and high pedal pressure, the unique ORC Pro Clutch line construction prevents this from occurring.

The ORC Pro Clutch Line has a 3-layer design composed of Teflon, Stainless Steel and PVC (plastic vinyl coating) for excellent performance. The pro line is more durable and has reduced expansion in comparison to the OEM rubber hose. In turn, better clutch feel and response can be achieved with this direct replacement item and is an excellent piece for those driving with demanding clutch work and is a necessary upgrade for those with performance clutches.

Contact us at sales@jdmautolink.com if you are interested in this clutch line.

Note: We will also be throwing in the slave cylinder together with the purchase of this ORC Pro Clutch Line. Yes it's free of charge!


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