Trust GReddy T78-33D Turbo Kit for Mazda RX-7 FD3S

We have a
Trust GReddy T78 turbo kit for the Mazda RX7-FD3S with the 13B-REW engine. The kit comprises of the below items:-

- Trust GReddy T78-33D Turbine

- Trust GReddy Turbo Manifold 50mm
- Trust GReddy Wastegate Valve Type R
- Trust GReddy 80mm Down Pipe.

Properly tuned, this will yield > 430rwhp at 15lbs of boost out of the RX-7. This kit has ran less than 500km as the pictures will attest to. It's virtually brand new!

If you are interested, shoot us an email us at for a quote including shipping.


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