R34 Misc Frontal Parts

I have the below parts from the frontal of a R34. If you've a collision (touch wood!), these parts will certainly come in very useful. Well, besides that, these would be great to be kept as spares or to replace ageing items.

Allrighty then, the list of parts are as below. Email us at sales@jdmautolink.com for a quote including shipping.

Condensor Assy (Part No. 92110-AA000)

Fan & Motor Assy-Condenser (Part No. 92120-5L700) - ITEM SOLD -

Front Apron
Will sell this as a whole package consisting of the below:-
Support Assy-Radiator Core (Part No. 62500-AA000
Support Radiator Core, Upper (Part No. 62510-AA000)
Bolt (Part No. 01121-03181)
Support Radiator Core, Lower (Part No. 62530-AA000)
Support-Radiator Core, Side RH (Part No. 62520-AA000)
Support-Radiator Core, Side LH (Part No. 62521-AA000)
Seal-Head Lamp Hole, RH (Part No. 62568-AA010)
Seal-Head Lamp Hole, LH (Part No. 62569-AA010)
2X Clip (Part No. 01553-00401)
... and many more small misc items

Front Bumper Retainer - ITEM SOLD -
Will sell this as a package consisting of the below:-
Retainer - Front Bumper Upper (Part No. 62240-AA000)
Bracket - Front Bumper Stay, RH (Part No. 62216-AA010R)
Bracket - Front Bumper Stay, LH (Part No. 62217-AA010L)
Reinforce - Front Bumper Center, Inner (Part No. 62030-AA030)

Retainer - Front Fascia
These attach to the Front Bumper Retainer (above). Will sell it as a pair consisting of:-
Retainer - Front Fascia RH (Part No. 62244-AA000)
Retainer - Front Fascia LH (Part No. 62245-AA000)

Rod-Hood Support (Part No. 65771-AA000) - ITEM SOLD -

Stay Hood Lock & Horn
Am selling this as a set consisting of:-
Stay Hood Lock (Part No. 62550-AA030)
Horn Assy-Electric (Part No. 25610-AA000)

Tank Assy-Windshield Washer
Selling this together with the pumps for front and rear washer. Package consists of:-
Tank Assy-Windshield Washer (w/o Inlet-Washer Tank)
Pump Assy-FR Washer (Part No. 28920-60U10)
Pump Assy-RR Washer (Part No. 28920-AA000)

Bracket-Condensor Mounting (92114-AA000)

Bracket - Front Bumper - ITEM SOLD -
Bracket - Front Bumper, RH (Part No. 62222-AA000)
Bracket - Front Bumper, LH (Part No. 62223-AA000)

Bracket-Radiator Mounting
2X Bracket-Radiator Mounting, Upper (Part No. 21508-01U00)
2X Mounting Rubber-Radiator, Upper (Part No. 21506-1U000)

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